Hippo Gram

I've posted a new Flash game - Hippo Gram - a little puzzle I made that I actually enjoy playing a lot myself.  The idea is to help a hippo find a path through a grid of letters that consists entirely of valid English words and uses all the letters.  So in one sense, it's easier than an anagram because the hippo can only travel in the four cardinal directions - it's not scrambled arbitrarily.  However, because you don't know where the hippo starts (depending on the difficulty setting), and you don't know the word boundaries, that adds a level of difficulty back in.

Although I'm putting the game out there for the world to play (so to speak), I'm still open to suggestions for improving it.  I recently added the ability to adjust the difficulty in some more specific ways  - you can choose whether to be told where the hippo starts, and you can choose whether to build the puzzle from the full dictionary or just from the most common words.  This should let you set the difficulty to something that's at the right level of challenge for you (I hope!).

Check out the game here.

Send any comments, suggestions, or weird dictionary words to me at imaginer01@mgail.com.